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"The Witch's Advocate" 

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Join us for an interesting (and equally disturbing) journey back to the life of Thomas Maule.

Whipped and imprisoned multiple times, Maule was tried in 1696, and his acquittal is considered a pivotal event leading to the adoption of the First Amendment.

From GoodReads:   "The Amazing True Story of the Quaker Who Stood With Salem's Witches.

The Puritans said the witch madness was over. Salem was once again the City of Peace. But everyone knew nothing had changed. The hangings may have stopped, but the town still trembled under a cloud of suspicion, oppression, and fear. Just when it seemed no one would be bold enough to challenge Salem’s leaders, Thomas Maule raised his voice.

The angry Puritans took him to trial, certain that the loudmouth Quaker would be easily suppressed. What they didn’t know was they were taking on an extraordinary man at an extraordinary time. Maule bravely stood up for the rights of the witches and all the others who could not speak for themselves. In a trial meant to vindicate the Puritan Theocracy, one man spoke up for the freedoms America would come to cherish. In The Witch’s Advocate, acclaimed author Richard Maule, brings this true but untold story to life. Maule’s previous novel, Moonlight Helmsman, has received eight national awards for historical fiction, with Kirkus Reviews calling it “a seamless weave of historical investigation and fictional drama.” The Witch’s Advocate takes us back to another tumultuous period in our history in a spellbinding tale of danger and suspense that draws the reader towards one of the best courtroom climaxes ever."

About Richard Maule:
Richard Maule was born in Miami, Florida. After a 40+ year career in Christian ministry, counseling, and public speaking, he retired to New London, CT to write historical novels. His first book, Moonlight Helmsman (2017), received critical praise and 8 national awards for historical fiction. His most recent book, The Witch’s Advocate (2019) has already received 4 national honors, including the 2020 Beverly Hills Book Award. Richard is enjoying his new life as an author. He especially likes doing historical research, meeting interesting people, and raising money for good causes. His novels have generated profits of over $70,000, all of which has been donated to worthwhile charities in New England.