Funding the Expansion Project 


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It may seem hard to believe that Byberry Friends Meeting still relies upon an "8-holer" for restrooms. 

What exactly is an 8-holer? 

B&W of Women's Side of Outhous   20200821 113158 (002)

There is a women's side and a men's side - (etiquette being paramount in Quaker sensibilities)  :0) 
Each of these two sides then has 4 "holes".  Hence, the term "8-holer"!

Now, to be fair -

Yes, it is an enclosed extension of the building ...

20200821 112730

No, you do not have to walk outside...

But, NO there is no running water...
No ability to wash your hands (and in this time of Covid, having running water truly is crucial).

SO  --  

We are building an addition to the meetinghouse!

The architect is busily finishing up the plans, (which will eventually be available to view with a link here) but please do check back regularly for more information about two of our exciting plans.

If you are interested in learning more about the expansion project, click here to stay abreast of the work.   You are also welcome to email us at ByberryQuakers (at)  We can add you to our distribution list for upcoming news and information about the addition.

AND -- If you want to make a donation toward our expansion project, please feel free to visit "Giving" to help us achieve our dream of having bathrooms with running water, and a kitchen for hospitality!