Thank you so much for considering financial support of Byberry Friends Meeting.  There are many reasons you might consider helping Byberry fulfill our spiritual and social vision -- by supporting:

  • Preservation of the historic Byberry complex (property maintenance of building repairs)
  • Operations (heating/cooling, telephone, security and fire alarms, lawn care, insurances)
  • Inreach (supporting Members of Byberry and other Quaker efforts), Outreach (website, communications, emails, social media), etc.

There is also the need of support for building the addition/annex which will provide the basic necessities of restrooms and a kitchen/gathering space for hospitality and programing.

There are several ways to make these contributions, whether one-off or on an ongoing basis:

Mail a Check

Byberry's Website

Send a check, payable to
Byberry Friends Meeting
3001 Byberry Road
Philadelphia, PA  19154

Scroll Down 
to make your
online donation
on our website
via Hubb

(Another option, although less preferred is to donate online via PYM.   Visit the PYM Nurture Page.  If contributing this way, we do ask that you email us to let us know.  Unfortunately, we may not know of a donation made via PYM until several months after the gift/contribution using this system).  

We encourage Members, Attenders and Friends of Byberry Friends Meeting to contribute to the vision and activities of our community.  Without the generous offering of your time, talents and "treasure" (finances) this 5 acre oasis may not be here in another 340 years. 

As we undertake a critical renovation/expansion of our meetinghouse (to finally enter the 20th century (with running water, bathrooms and a modest kitchen) (let alone the 21st century)), we are excited about the prospects of utilizing our meetinghouse and new annex to support our local community.  This undertaking is dependent upon the generous gifts of all who see the need to re-establish Byberry Friends as a social change agent.  Historically Friends at Byberry worked tirelessly towards the abolition of slavery, and suffrage or voting rights for ALL.  Now we have the challenges of gun violence, opioid and other substance addiction, equality for ALL, regardless of color, sex, age, identity). 

Anyone wishing to support the maintenance of our programs, our meetinghouse, schoolhouse and library, the burial grounds may make donations anytime, as well. 

Please be sure to designate an amount.  The default by the system is $50 (we are working on getting rid of that, but at the moment, we want to be sure you know to change it)!

For more information, please get in touch with us on our Contact page.