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A warm welcome and invitation

We welcome you to Byberry Meeting and hope that you will join our silent worship on 
Sunday mornings from 10am - 11am. 

Each Sunday (First Day) we come together seeking Divine guidance, strength and peace in our sharing a time of prayer and worship together. We are a diverse faith community who seek, with mutual love and respect, God’s will for us. Our Meetings for Worship are based on the principle of expectant waiting in silence for direct communication with God, with no pastor, music or order of service. Since the time our first meeting house (a log cabin) was completed in 1694, it has been kept quite plain so that the worshiper will not be distracted from the main purpose of listening to God’s still small voice within each of us. Although the Meeting for Worship is based on silent prayer, all are free to speak their ministry as an outflow from God. Friends value messages that are simple, come from the heart, and are prompted by the Divine Spirit.

Meetings for Worship last about 45 minutes and are closed when Friends shake hands. 
It is customary to linger for a time to greet each other and share news of the community.

Please join with us.

BFM-SV, 10/14/2018