Addition for Bathrooms, Kitchen and
Meeting Space 


09-01-21 Flat Postcard w USPS

09-01-21 Flat Postcard w USPS

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It's been a long year, as we struggle with our meetinghouse being closed; with so many Friends (and friends) suffering through Covid; trying to move forward with the expansion.  At times, it has felt as if we were walking through molasses.  Everything seems to be harder and taking longer than we had hoped... but the expansion is truly taking shape.

Why do we need an addition, you ask?  Have you seen our "8-Holer"?  We think this is the answer to that question...

B&W of Women's Side of Outhous   20200821 113158 (002)

The lack of facilities for restrooms, running water and inadequate facilities for offering (any real) hospitality has hampered the ability to attract new worshippers, new regular Attenders and new Members. 

The future of Byberry Meeting truly does rest in our ability to make F/friends comfortable while in our meetinghouse and visiting the property.  This starts with restrooms, a kitchen and a gathering space.

More recently, as a result of Covid, our Inreach/Outreach efforts have been hampered by our inability to invite attract new Attenders into the meetinghouse; our income has been impacted by business closures; our ethical investing (non-fossil fuels, etc), have limited our investments as capital appreciation.  All of these concerns leave us with the questions around ensuring that the Meeting has the resources to not only build the addition, but be certain that there are reserves to maintain the congregation for the next 340 years.  BUT we firmly believe that we will not survive without the basic necessities of restrooms and running water.

SO -- here we sit at a crossroads.  The building is planned out, the congregation is ready, but we could use your help!

The stages are:

Item    Stage Status
1. Complete Drawings Done
2.  Obtain Permissions, etc Done  
3. Get Bids  Done
4. Install Sewer Line Done
5.     Official Ground Breaking  Photo Done
6.     Install Camera to Watch Progress Done       
7. Actual Ground Breaking     10-13-21

Now that we have the prices and approvals, we need to get serious about allocation of funds (and finding additional new sources of revenue and resources).

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