Our Burial Ground 


As you wander the grounds of Byberry Friends Meeting, and peruse some of the older headstones, you will see very familiar names.  Walton and Knight are just a few of the easily recognizable names, but you will also see Tomlinsons and Comlys and Richardsons.

Inside the wall that runs parallel to Byberry Road, are the oldest markers, although in keeping with earlier traditions of Friends, many of the burials were not marked with headstones.

To find out more about which (and when) people are buried on the grounds of the meetinghouse, click here to go to FindAGrave.com.  This is a project that is still underway, and so we don't have all of those interred entered into that database, but it is a start.

FindAGrave 400x400

Also, we hope in the near future to have an interactive map so you can see the actual map of the grounds.  

Should you have questions about anyone in our burial ground, you are always welcome to contact us and we will offer as much guidance and assistance as we are able.

Hubb Manager, 12/13/2019