Mid-Week Meeting for Worship (Tues & Thurs at 7PM)


Quarter Wide Worship Zoom Thur


As a result of Covid, we expanded our Meeting for Worship services to include a Tuesday and Thursday evening Meeting for Worship at 7PM in Zoom.  Please email us at ByberryQuakers (at) gmail.com to request the Zoom ID (log-in details).

In an effort to expand and deepen our faith, we've included Worship Sharing as part of our Tuesday worship.

We meet at 7PM, but on Tuesdays we end worship at 7:30, and then enter into Worship Sharing.

This practice may include discussion of a specific query; may involve watching a Quaker Speak video; may discuss a political or current event topic.  


In March 2021, we introduced a 10 part series to discuss "9 Core Beliefs of Quakerism" a QuakerSpeak video offered by Arthur Larrabee.  You can read more about this program here.  Other topics that have been covered can be found at the bottom of the Discussion Topics table.

Susan Vorwerk, 2/23/2021