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May 25th    Deepening your Experience of Worship Online
Beacon Hill Friends


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June 1st   Mary Ellen - Renaming Rooms at Friends House / London
FGC - Letter of Apology re: T-Shirt Contest (Wm Penn quote) 
June 8th     CONTINUATION of June 1st Discussion
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Mary Ellen - Renaming Rooms at Friends House / London
FGC - Letter of Apology re: T-Shirt Contest (Wm Penn quote) 
June 15th What Quakers Can Teach Us About the Politics of Pronouns 
New York Times - Opinion (Nov 16, 2019) 
June 22nd  
June 29th  

QuakerSpeak Video Discussions 

10 Part Discussion Series:

        "9 Core Quaker Beliefs" by Arthur Larrabee 

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We will be launching a 10 part series in March of discerning the Arthur Larrabee
"9 Core Quaker Beliefs" at 7:30PM each Tuesday for 10 weeks.

March 2nd     "9 Core Quaker Beliefs" in entirety 
March 9th Core Belief 1  -  (Position in video - 1:40)
There is a living, dynamic, spiritual presence at work in the world which is both within us and outside of us.
March 16th    Core Belief 2 - (Position in video - 2:10)
There is that of God in everyone.
March 23rd Core Belief 3 - (Position in video - 2:30)
Each person is capable of the direct and unmediated experience of God.
March 30th Core Belief 4 - (Position in video - 3:05)
Our understanding and experience of God is nurtured and enlarged in community.
April 6th Core Belief 5 - (Position in video - 3:35)
The Bible is an important spiritual resource, and the life and teachings of Jesus are relevant for us today.
April 13th Core Belief 6 - (Position in video - 4:05) 
The revelation of God’s truth is continuing and ongoing.
April 20th Core Belief 7 - (Position in video - 4:30)
We welcome truth from whatever source it may come.
April 27th     Core Belief 8 - (Position in video - 4:50)
Our inward experience of God transforms us and leads us into outward expressions of faithful living, witness, and action.
May 4th Core Belief 9 -  (Position in video - 5:35)
Modeling God’s presence in our lives is more important than espousing beliefs.

May 11th     Review of "9 Core Beliefs"
May 18th       "The Light"
Isaac Pennington Quote &
QuakerSpeak "Quakers & The Inner Light https://quakerspeak.com/video/quakers-the-light/


Susan Vorwerk, 2/23/2021